Christian Stickers Are God's Stickers



A sticker is usually a 'peel and stick' material containing a piece of message. (Apology for the tautology). Christians, like others, use stickers lots. Christian stickers are produced offered on conspicuous locations where what they bear is laid bare to those that care to cast it a reading shot. The intent, in most part, should be to attract and engage people's attention. Nearly always, its information and facts is persuasive. Get more details about religion stickers


Within the christian world, specific personalities are epitome of stickers whose contents deal only in matters relating to God. They then are God's stickers; they exhibit God in all their day-to-day living devoid of exceptions.


In "Orpah kissed her mother-in-law but Ruth clave unto her" (Ruth 1: 14 KJV), Ruth is shown to become an individual who could recognize a project and place on to it assuidity of objective, permitting no distraction. She chose a noble course and was ready to stick with it. The world currently stands the have to have of people like Ruth.


The Christians in Ruth-like mold are fantastic examples of champions. Pray God makes you one this year. Aspire to become a sticker of God's standing in your chosen area of business; be committed for your marriage, job or vocation or church 'come rain or shine'. Get reminded that all stormy clouds and downpour yield to sunshine, nonetheless extended that requires to come. Permit no shifts of choices, permit no jitters; be fixed to your vision and commitment.


Stickers that tic are unyielding people and unyielding people are faithful in all circumstances. They are those who is going to be in the frontline of God's army within the days ahead of the end of time. The holy Bible identified Moses as faithful (Numbers 12: 7 KJV); he served a Master whose faithfulness is beyond compare (1 Corinthians 1: 9 KJV). Any wonder it's mentioned "...His faithfulness reached towards the clouds"? (Psalm 36: 5 KJV). And Revelation 17: 14 KJV intensifies this additional: "...and they which are with Him are known as, and chosen, and faithful.


To get a moment, let's go down memory lane. Ever heard of Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi? He was the Military Governor with the old Western region of Nigeria when General Aguiyi Ironsi was the Military Head of State.


On July 29, 1966 a band of Military officers plotted a coup and killed Aguiyi Ironsi and Adekunle Fajuyi whilst the former was on a state visit to the latter's Ibadan Government House. Fajuyi got killed due to the fact he considered that to give up his guest would amount to a brazen betrayal of his boss and pal. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus but Colonel Fajuyi did not. He was a sticker within the caste of Ruth. Jesus, Ruth, Fajuyi and Abraham Lincoln are known to become undeniable stickers.


No matter how long and tortuous your journey as a christian has been, cling on to God and give it what it takes to stay a God's sticker.

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