Siding Installation: Cost Vs Worth



You will find numerous items to consider when looking to get a specialist to transform your home. Based on the project, some points are more crucial than others. But in each case, the single most important factor you are going to really need to look at is whether you are going to select the top price tag or the most effective worth - they may be rarely the same factor. Case in point is often a homeowner that contacted me for any quote to install siding and replace the roof on their house. Get far more info about Learn more


I 1st met with this client in September and supplied our services as a roofer and siding installer. Hearing nothing back, I followed up in December to see if they had created a choice or if I could answer any extra concerns. At this time they said we did an incredible job of presenting ourselves, however they went with somebody else because of cost. Though I was disappointed, I understand that this occurs.


Instead of chalk it up as a loss, I decided to take the chance to find out more concerning the competitors. Soon after learning who the homeowner hired to install their siding, I took a close look in the good quality of operate, cleanliness, and project management. The initial point I noticed was that the siding had been installed just before the roof. I often choose to perform the roof 1st to avoid the risk of damaging brand new siding whilst tearing off the old roof. Performing the roof very first also enables me to reduce back the old siding and make sure each of the flashing gets installed completely - which can not be performed in the event the siding goes on initial. It is probable that climate played a role within the other contractor's choice, but I'd still prefer to wait till the weather cooperates and do what's the very best for the customer.


The siding the buyer requested was popular brand of fiber-cement siding with very detailed installation guidelines that have changed as time passes. This is why when we install this product, we print out the installation guidelines the day we start job to produce confident there have been no changes and our customer's get the warranty protection they deserve.


Like most developing products, this cement siding's warranty specifically states that improper installation can void the warranty. Sadly, I identified two such challenges in the installation that could have been simply avoided. The most glaring is that the siding was installed appropriate as much as the roof line as opposed to offering the "two-inch minimum clearance involving the roofing plus the bottom edge from the siding" that is clearly referred to as for within the installation instructions.The second issue I noticed was that the siding was sitting out totally exposed towards the components throughout the project. "Store flat and retain dry and covered prior to installation" - again this quote is in the installation guidelines.


One much more issue I noticed was a tremendous quantity of "face nails," or nails exactly where you may see them, in the siding. Though not particularly wrong, "blind nailing," or nailing beneath the overlap of earlier piece, may be the preferred method of installation for lap siding products."


I guess I never understand why, inside a scenario exactly where it truly is not important, would they face nail that significantly? Yes, you'll find instances where it can be needed, but I can assure you this was not one of them. Lastly, I noticed that the siding was installed having a wide variety of "reveals," which can be to say that the exposed portion of every piece of siding varied slightly. The obvious outcome of this really is that the siding will look crooked, and this siding did.


So, did this client get a greater value? No. They paid a reduced cost up front and received a service commensurate together with the price tag they paid. Is saving just a little money worth voiding the warranty protection of your product? Or having crooked siding? I just seriously hope that nothing at all goes wrong for this home owner since they might not have warranty protection when they require it.

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