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Spiritual schooling in the west has frequently been taken for granted. Most schools teach a fundamental religion to children, and parents often do not pay enough attention to instilling a strong spiritual framework in their kids. Often, schools focus on rote memorization and forget to educate children about the interrelations of the human spirit and the world we live in. The heart of spirituality is found within the self, so when spiritual education is reduced to rote memorization, it becomes less than beneficial. Get more information about In the Light of Truth


However, there's a new form of spiritual education emerging that is starting to replace spiritual education all over the world. It has its roots in the work of American sociologist William Phillips and his book, Spirit of succeeding. Phillips argued that many successful people are spiritual beings, deeply motivated to succeed because they have a desire for God. They possess an inner spiritual light that comes through when their souls are exposed to God. They've a vision of God's glory, and they understand how to proceed from the wholeness of the spirit.


Because of the popularity of the Spirit of Success, other educators are now starting to take precedence over religious education. While Phillips thought that the method by which children learn about God ought to be as individual and personal as their own individual spiritual journeys, many modern teachers have yet to catch up with Phillips' notion. They still teach children about God, but they also place God's greatness and power second. They tell kids that though they have an understanding of what and who God is, that they don't have to become Christians just yet. Since they don't fully understand the teachings of Jesusthey have to place the"power of God" second, so they could provide moral guidelines and facts without placing Jesus or God in battle with one another.


Spiritual teachers have noticed that many people in the contemporary world have lost the capability to connect with their religious beliefs. A lot of people are led to believe all of life is pointless and there is no meaning in life. The"Gnostic" motion, which was created out of the vacuum, taught that there is not any way to gain any sort of understanding about God. This caused a broad divide between people of different religious and non-religious faiths and created a vacuum that has yet to be filled.


Phillips was born into a family of educators. He learned early on that he had to give a whole lot more than his knowledge to achieve his objectives. He started to understand that if he was planning to use his knowledge, it would require him to use his mind too. He needed to build two wings of spirituality: a solid conviction in the existence of a celestial force and a strong dedication to social change.


Spiritual education helps us to see that we're part of a plan. It helps us to realize that each and every individual is important and that our actions have a ripple effect on the Divine Plan. Our decisions affect not only the next individual we meet, but also the entire Divine Plan. When we follow its directions, we will have the ability to move forwards as completely as we can and find true joy.


As Phillips started to comprehend his beliefs more fully, he began to unite the two wings of spirituality that he believed were necessary to be able to move toward authentic freedom and fulfillment. One of both of these wings, the side of faith, enabled him to use his mind for a medium through which he can connect into the soul guides. He could pray to themget in touch with their messages, and receive guidance in areas of his life that were problematic. Another wing of spirituality, both sides of religion, taught him to concentrate on the relationship he had with the divine, the connection he felt with aliens, as well as the peace he felt in his heart. The two wings worked in tandem, and if they did, the actual shift came about.


This relationship with the spirit requires two items. The first is a personal level, instinctual connection that can be developed through meditation and prayer. The next is an inner discipline that works to build up the spirit and its underlying spiritual virtues. Phillips worked tirelessly to connect his spiritual education with his spiritual beliefs, and with this endeavor came much appreciation and encouragement from people who heard his message.

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