Vittorio Di Benedetto has reinvented himself within this new stage



“In these instances of adjust for the world, digital platforms have taken on much more strength than they already had. They're one of your most significant tools for an artist, the principle challenge has been to measure up and seek with each other together with the artist the technique to be creative and attract the consideration on the public ”. Get more info about Di benedetto production


Vittorio Di Benedetto began his career in music as a producer in 2015, at the very same time that he produced his record company Di Benedetto Productions with offices in Bari (Italy), Havana (Cuba), Miami (Florida) and Cancun ( México), said company has by far the most relevant musical producers with the Cuban urban genre such as: Dj Unic, Dj Conds, Osmani Espinosa to mention a number of.


Italian producer Vittorio Di Benedetto bets on Cuban artists.


Di Benedetto considers himself passionate about Cuba and its culture, that is why he began to have closer to its urban sound till he managed to capture that warm and tropical stamp; His target is to realize a complete work on each and every song between production and promotion.


Di Benedetto considers that music is evolutionary, so you often need to be in constant study and reinvention, personally he enjoys urban pop and romantic reggaeton.


Among the greater than 400 songs that Di Benedetto has produced, the following stand out:


-Castigo (Leslie Guzman ft. The Yakuza)


-Respect (The Yakuza)


-Check it with sugar (The Yakuza)


-Ganga remix (Los Yakuza)


-Talk about love remix (Los Yakuza - Enzo - Wampi)


-Your boyfriend (Enzo the key Melody)


-Without you (Enzo the key Melody)


-To the face (Enzo ft. El kamel)


-The Liar (Enzo the key Melody ft. Jackal)


-Que viva Shango (Los Yakuza ft. Denver)


-For your Life (Enzo the key Melody)


-Amnesia (The Yakuza)


One from the greatest satisfactions that the producer and Di Benedetto productions have had recently could be the song of “El Mentiroso”, a song in collaboration with El Chacal, a leading Cuban artist, who has at the moment positioned himself on an international level. Vittorio doesn't rule out the possibility of writing and generating a song for said artist within the future.


"Cuban artists have as substantially or equal talent as any artist in the world," says Di Benedetto, and each for him and his company the primary challenge will likely be to seek out a technique to be constant and to show through platforms and media. communication that Cubans are and can continue producing fantastic music.


Di Benedetto starts this year, signing the artist “El Yonka” for his company, and possessing as a target to spot at least 3 songs by his artists in the playlist of the leading 50 in Latin America on Spotify throughout 2021.

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