What You'll be able to Do With WordPress: The GPL License Terms



WordPress has grow to be an essential part of the internet and features a massive hand in contributing to the internet neighborhood and encouraging and facilitating new websites. Nevertheless, WordPress is surrounded by some popular misconceptions about what's permitted and what is not permitted beneath the GPL License, under which WordPress is distributed for free. This short article helps you to know some essential aspects of what you could legally do with WordPress beneath the GPL License, thereby allowing the free flow of information in letter and in spirit. Get a lot more data about Wordpress GPL Plugins


Replace the WordPress Logo on the login page


Lots of little businesses and website owners like to customize their login page to reflect their own branding and logo in order that it provides a a lot more skilled look to their subscribers, contributors and visitors. A lot of people are frequently scared to replace the logo, fearing that they might be violating the terms of your GPL License. WordPress inside the Codex section of its website, itself states how you'll be able to customize the login page and replace the WordPress logo with your personal. Even the GPL License terms do not restrict the replacement on the logo. Even so, in case you alter or modify the WordPress logo (The popular "W"), then you maybe violating the copyrights in the owners.


Remove the "Powered by WordPress" link within the footer


Business websites desire to look a growing number of specialist and shed the tell tale signs indicating that they are using an open source software like WordPress. Though WordPress is used by a lot of Fortune 500 companies globally, you may nonetheless desire to remove the "Powered by WordPress" or "Proudly Powered By WordPress" text which appears in the footer in the design theme. If you are asking yourself regardless of whether you may safely take away the "powered by" text without having violating the GPL terms, you can find your answer in the footer.php file inside your Default Theme directory. The footer.php file states that:


"If you'd like to support WordPress, having the "powered by" hyperlink somewhere in your blog is definitely the most effective way; it's our only promotion or advertising."


This indicates that there's no compulsion for you to place the "powered by" footer and are free to get rid of it in case you don't want it. On the other hand, it will be a good gesture to leave it there or give some credit to WordPress for facilitating your website.


Modify WordPress and redistribute the new software


The whole crux of open supply software is that not simply is definitely the supply code not hidden and publicly out there but you may also freely distribute the modified software along with exactly the same license. This means that you could charge a fee for the modifications which you created to WordPress, but you can not charge for the core WordPress software since it is. That is an essential advantage for programmers and software developers who want to use WordPress' core functionality in their own software.


WordPress is restricted to your imagination. It really is actually a free software, which has performed considerably very good for the internet community on the whole. Come to be a part of this expanding community of WordPress customers by starting your personal WordPress website.

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